Zoobooks, Zoobies & Zootles – So much fun for your Kid

Well, This time it is for Mickey only. My cute son loves wild animals and Discovery is one of his favorite channels. He loves to watch the Lion, Tiger, Penguin, Giraffe etc and he always asks me so many weird questions about Dinosaur. Continue reading “Zoobooks, Zoobies & Zootles – So much fun for your Kid”

A Twinning Story with Saree – Mother’s Day Spercial

‘First My Mother, Forever My Friend’

Yes, still she is my best friend and gossiping with her is my favorite pass time 🙂

I have learned all good things from her, she is a very calm and polite lady with soft nature. Yay!! I am talking about my Mom, my Maa 🙂 Continue reading “A Twinning Story with Saree – Mother’s Day Spercial”

Kara Nail Remover Wipes Review – Let’s Play with Your Nails

I love to flaunt my nails with vibrant colors and nail art is the trendiest thing for fashion junkies.Starting from the Bollywood Divas to College goers, all love to embellish their nails with colors and glitters.Let’s take a sneak peek on some cute and smart nail arts: Continue reading “Kara Nail Remover Wipes Review – Let’s Play with Your Nails”

A Story of A #HalfGirlfriend

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Note: It is a real story, I have changed the name only.

It is a story of Shreya and Aman. Shreya and Aman are my nursery friends and I was the person who has witnessed everything between them. Shreya used to share all her feelings about Aman with me. So I think, I am the best person who can be the story teller of their ‘Love Kahani’. Continue reading “A Story of A #HalfGirlfriend”

Neon Love with Bollywood – Summer Special

Hello, Lovely Ladies!

we have already welcome summer with scorching heat and sweat. Now it’s time to flaunt your summer cool style 🙂
I know you guys are thinking about a floral dress or denim shorts but trust me a designer saree can be your summer special attire too. Yes, I am serious. Continue reading “Neon Love with Bollywood – Summer Special”

Enjoy your Baby Bump, Love your Pregnancy

“I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a Mother”

Yes, I am a proud mother and enjoying my motherhood every single day. But the truth is, I didn’t enjoy my baby bump and that time I was going through the worst phase of my life. Continue reading “Enjoy your Baby Bump, Love your Pregnancy”